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Iroha by Tenga - Minamo Vibrator

Item: E24812

Prijs € 100.00

Klik hier voor meer producten van dit merk.  The Iroha Minamo has a curvy ergonomic design that fits the contours of a woman's body. Slightly thicker than it’s counterpart, the Iroha Mikazuki, this vibrator delivers a soft undulating ocean-like sensation to the female erogenous zones. This pastel colored vibrator is covered in a unique “Soft Touch” silicone that is naturally smooth in texture and can repel dust and be used underwater. The Minamo has multiple vibration strengths and a fully functional storage-case-charger. The simple two button controls offer a variety of ‘near-quiet’ power modes that include low, mid, high, and pulsating action making erotic self-pleasure very discreet.

Iroha Minamo is created through a unique manufacturing process and is designed to gently adapt to the female body. Insertion will be smooth and comfortable without any foreign body sensation.

This product is waterproof and is washable. It also has "Anti-dust Coating" to keep it clean. Iroha Minamo comes with a case with a rechargeable feature. You can recharge your Iroha Minamo by simply storing it in the case. Easy to handle and easy to clean! Iroha Minamo is covered by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

- AC adaptor and USB cord are included
- 100~240V
- 4 vibration settings
- Recharge time: approximately 120 minutes
- Operation time: approximately 90 minutes (at maximum power)
- Waterproof (up to depth of 50 cm)
- Material: silicon
- One-year warranty from the date of purchase
- Size: 172x38x27 mm
- Weight: 110g


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